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 Local News

--! LaSalle Commemorates Local History !--

The Town of LaSalle has published a new booklet about gristmills both locally, across Ontario, and throughout Quebec, and the Maritimes. The booklet was written for the Department of Culture and Recreation, and is being sold for $10.00. The mill was originally built in 1781 by Simon Amable Drouillard on his farm in what was then known as Petite Cote....

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 Quick Facts
This Website is intended for ALL Drouillards and hopefully shows how all Drouillards are related. Chances are good you'll find yourself or a relative here.
There is a lot of information to browse and hopefully I've made it easy to navigate throughout the site. If you're having trouble, send me an email and let me know.
There's a "Suggest" button on most pages for you to use to send me additional information. I've not set up general automatic updates yet.
There are over 2500 Drouillard Families represented on
There are also over 1800 Other Families here as well.    Names like Pageau, Beneteau, Rocheleau, Meloche, Dufour, Cousineau, Pare, Renaud . . . just to name a few.
When viewing individual's Personal Data Sheets, be sure to click the "Ancestors" tab for a flowchart view of their history

 Recent Events

    --! Historical Newspaper Articles !--

Several months ago I was presented with an unbelievable collection of newspaper articles collected by Norman W. Drouillard of Riverside. The articles span the 1970's, 80's and 90's with some dating back to the 1930's. I've been sorting through the hundreds of articles, scanning them and organizing them to share with everyone through this website.

I've replaced several of the photo-copied articles I had previously with originals and have linked several new articles with people on this site that pertain to them.

I also now have several NEW articles about Drouillards that I haven't been able to link yet. Hopefully with your help we can match these articles. Click on the image to the left to view these Unlinked articles. Click on the "Suggest" link at the top of the page. Tell me the name of the article and who it relates to.

    My sister Christine got Hitched!!
    Click the picture to view the album.

    This photo was sent to me by Jim Drouillard of River Canard.


My Pedigree in brief is:
    Mark10,Oswald9,Walter8,William7,Joseph6,Edouard5,Louis4,Simon Amable3,Jean Baptiste2,Simon1

I'm gradually putting together a collection of Histories of my Ancestors.
    View their Histories by clicking on the names below.
   Mark  Drouillard  (In progress)
     Oswald Drouillard  (07 Jan 07)
      Walter  Drouillard  (In progress)
         William  Drouillard  (05 Mar 04)
           Joseph  Drouillard  (04 Mar 04)
            Edouard  Drouillard  (04 Mar 04)
              Louis  Drouillard  (In progress)
                Simon Amable  Drouillard  (25 Mar 04)
                  Jean Baptiste  Drouillard  (25 Mar 04)
                    Simon Drouillard dit Argentcourt  (25 Mar 04)

    Presenting the entire database on the internet was a HUGE task.
    I am now maintaining the site and adding information submitted by other visitors.
    If you don't find who you're looking for through the SEARCH, contact me, I'll check